Catalogue: SUP

  • [The creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts] The°hf Synergy SUP belt is one belt to connect your leash, carry your throwbag, attach a Restube. Features: Padded waist belt with Fixlock quick-release buckle Emergency velcro release system with adjustable resistance for SUP leash Restube Ready fixing point for Restube products - Restube Connector Required Throw bag attachment point for quick deployment We recommend using the °hf Synergy in conjunction with the °hf SUP leash Connect.
  • We understand that the most brutal paddling environment often isn't class 5 whitewater, or double overhead Makaha, but more often it is the family summer lake cabin or a resort beach rental business, where gear will live in the salt and sun for days or weeks on end. Durable and built to last, designer Dave Chun states, “The Makai is the toughest, best performing SUP paddle, in the ‘give me all you got’ category."  We've combined performance and affordability in this adjustable paddle to meet the needs of recreational paddlers everywhere.
  • ‘Uhane is a common name for Hawaiian outrigger canoes.  It means spirit or soul and connects us to the past.  SUP Paddling is a way of connecting as well; to the water, to the outdoors and to others.  Like its name, the ‘Uhane encourages connection.  Featuring 16” of adjustment and an impact resistant fiberglass blade, paddlers can adjust length on the fly or share their light, durable paddle with family and friends.  Paddle often and set your spirit free.
  • Werner Paddles’ new race model is the perfect choice for both elite and recreation stand up paddlers looking to reach the Apex of their performance. Achieving Ultimate Paddle Performance is at the core of our designs; we take pride in our craftsmanship which is evident every time you put your paddle in the water. The unique concave power pocket allows each stroke to enter the water with a trusted confident catch providing rock solid stability. With a high visibility graphic and available in three blade sizes 76 in², 83 in² and 91 in² accommodating a wide range of paddler styles. The model is...
  • The Rip Stick 79 is the answer to what stand up paddle surfers want. More power from a smaller blade. Smaller blade size means a higher cadence for bursts of speed, with a low-profile that won’t trip up when executing turns. To generate more power, we developed an innovative double concave dihedral in the power face of the blade. The power pockets created to accelerate into more waves, outrace outside sets and blast over foam piles, Along with more power the double concave shape of the blade face creates a super stable stroke, for all the crazy angles you find yourself paddling. Coupled with...
  • Attaining, surfing the wave or maneuvering downstream to the next feature, the Session’s design allows for a higher cadence stroke, perfectly suited to white water play. Werner’s Bomber strength and light swing weight make it a great choice for those playing the rapid but also floating the flats with the family.
  • Using Werner's same mould as the Flow, the Trance has all the balance and buoyancy but by using an advanced full carbon layup we are able to achieve staggering low weights. For the paddler looking to go further, faster and stay on the water longer the 15.5 ounce weight, along with smooth stable strokes is going to make the Trance a must have. With its amazing feel on the water and the super light weight, it is the elite paddle of Werner's Versatile line.  
  • Recreational stand up paddles have reached a new performance level with the Vibe. Your time on the water should not be a struggle, so Werner have adapted design features from their top of the line paddle to fit a budget. With Werner's LeverLock grip, easily resize length and share with the entire gang.
  • Feel the balance of the Zen. Werner's Premium fibreglass process blends perfection in both craftsmanship and materials by providing a stiff, light and beautiful looking blade. The new dual sided gradient colors vividly pop on the water