Catalogue: Recreational

  • Classical kayak paddle with asymmetric blades. Blade material is made of highly tough polyethylene (HDPE). Its best features are high durability and firmness. TNP standardly offer the paddle on duralumin or composite shafts. The shaft has 30mm outside diameter. The paddle is possible to manufacture with TNP's special Vario YP coupling which allows the paddle to extend up to 10 cm and set any type of angle. You can also opt for Vario Z coupling, which allows you to change the angle swiftly without additional tools. This model is best for whitewater rapids.      
  • With the TNP Combination Kayak/Canoe Paddle you have access to two canoe paddles or a two piece kayak paddle, so you're ready for any adventure. The TNP Combination Paddle is constructed using high density polyethylene blades, with a strong anodized aluminium shaft. The paddle is put together using a simple spring button ferrule, and when taken apart is a convenient size to store.
  • A high quality paddle with nylon blades and Duralumin 3 piece shaft. Ideal as an emergency paddle. Supplied in a roll top waterproof bag for storage in the back of your boat. 3 Year parts guarantee. Colour - Yellow, Red. 702.3 3pc - 200cm See also - TNP Rapa 4pc or Werner Sherpa and Powerhouse 4pc  
  • A great paddling paddle makes a great fishing paddle. Simply put, the best performing paddle means less fatigue, more time on the water and more fish in the boat. Werner offer Fishing co-ordinated patterns and colours in their most popular lines. Fishing Leverlock Adjustable paddles offer 200-220cm, 220-240cm and 240-260cm adjustable range. For detailed product specs and prices - Camano Hooked - See Camano  Shuna Hooked - See Shuna Skagit FG Hooked - See Skagit Tybee FG Hooked - See Tybee